Statement of intent

  • This statement of policy and procedures applies to users of, and activities in, Umberleigh village hall.
  • The Umberleigh Village Hall Trustees, Committee and all volunteers have a duty to safeguard all vulnerable users of the hall and its premises
  • They should respond to any concerns they may have regarding the physical, sexual, emotional or psychological safety of a child, young person or vulnerable adult or concerns relating to discriminatory or financial violation or exploitation of a child, young person or vulnerable adult.
  • This policy is in place to protect all children, young persons or vulnerable adults regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, religion or faith. This policy applies to all users of the village hall and its environs managed by the Trustees.


  • The welfare of the child, young person or vulnerable adult is paramount and is the responsibility of everyone. All children, young people or vulnerable adults, without exception, have the right to protection from abuse, whether physical, verbal, sexual, bullying, exclusion or neglect. All users of the hall must have their privacy respected and dignity preserved at all times.
  • The responsibility for ensuring the safety of children, young people or vulnerable adults while at the hall rest with the individual or organisation hiring the hall.

Policy Statement

  • All village hall Trustees, committee and volunteers need to be aware of the safeguarding policy.
  • No member of the Trustees, committee or volunteers will have unsupervised access to children, young people or vulnerable adults.
  • Any organisations or individuals hiring the hall for the purposes of holding activities involving children, young people or vulnerable adults must confirmby signing the terms and conditions of booking that they have read this policy document.
  • The trustees will ensure that hirers are made aware of their obligations under the licensing act 2003 to ensure that alcohol is not sold to those under the age of 18. The Trustees will ensure that hirers are aware that no children may be admitted to films when they are below the age classification for the film or show.
  • Organisations hiring the hall for activities for children or vulnerable adults will be asked to confirm that they have suitable child protection policies or vulnerable adult protection policies in place before the first booking commences. Individuals hiring the hall for activities for children will be made aware of this policy.
  • Any Trustee or user of the village hall should be aware that if they have a concern about a child or young person they should contact the multi-agency safeguarding hub (MASH) on 0345 155 1071 or email If they think a vulnerable adult is being abused in any way they should contact Care Direct on 0345 1551 007 or email If they consider a child, young person or vulnerable adult to be at immediate risk they should contact the Police by telephoning 999.
  • All suspicions or allegations of abuse against a child, young person or vulnerable adult will be taken seriously and dealt with speedily and appropriately.
  • There will be a nominated and named child protection and vulnerable user representative to who any suspicions or concerns may be reported.
  • A copy of this policy will be available on the website and displayed in the village hall. Hirers must have their attention drawn to it.
  • The supervision of all groups remains the responsibility of the people who hire the hall and sign the terms and conditions of booking


The nominated child protection and vulnerable adult representative is: Penny Wignall


The nominated person should:

  • Know who to contact for advice and referrals
  • Know about helplines and other sources of help for children and young people and vulnerable adults
  • Ensure that there is an environment in which the committee, volunteers and users of the hall have the opportunity to raise any child protection or vulnerable adult protection concerns.

Umberleigh Village Hall
The Station
Umberleigh, Devon, EX37 9AB

Tel: 01769 540644

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