held on Wednesday 30th April 2019 at 7.30 pm

 Present:  David Hawkings (Chair), Penny Wignall (Treasurer), Wendy Short (Stand in Secretary),PatShallcross, Sue Lewis, Ann Page, Andy Alford, Lyn Hutchings, David Hyde, Trevor and Mary Wilson, Bernard Wignall, Jane Laming, Colin and Christine Dring, Sally-Ann Murch and Jackie Hill.

1       Apologies for absence:    Apologies for absence had been received from Caroline Lewis, Geoff Shallcross and Pauline Alford.

2       The Minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting:  These were circulated.  They were agreed to be a correct record and it was resolved to adopt them and they were then signed by the Chair.  Trevor asked that minutes are circulated beforehand, preferably with the meeting notification. To ensure availability to all, these could be published on the Village Hall website as it is not always known who will be attending.

3       Matters arising from those minutes:There were none.

4       Chair’s report:  Mr Hawkingsthanked everyone for coming and then presented his report.  Please see the report that is attached to these minutes.  The Chair was thanked with a round of applause.

5       Secretary’s report: Mrs Lewis was unable to attend or submit a report due to unforeseen family commitments.  David and Penny confirmed that all relevant matters are covered in their reports.

6       Treasurer’s report:            Mrs Wignall first circulated copies of the Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31st January 2019.  She reported that it had been a very similar year to last year.  The current balance stands at £10,878.

An Awards’ for All Grant was received and used to pay for the stage curtaining, carpet and redecoration of the hall ceiling.  £400 was received from Councillor White for the tea urn.

The Fundraising Committee ran several fun events for the village with thebiggest income generator being the Antiques Fairs organised by Steve Cooper.  Steve has done a fantastic job organising them and they have raised an amazing £1,300. The catering for these fairs has been shared amongst the committee so it hasn’t been too onerous.

The loan for the roof has now been repaid.

Income from the Garden Show was less than normal as the dog show was cancelled due to the heat.

The Hall lettings have also increased and we have some new users.

The work of the Committee for the forthcoming year will be focussed on the joint Park and Play Project with the school.  To aid this fundraising the Antiques Fairs will be alternated between the hall committee and the school.

Wendy gave an update on the Park and Play Project and informed everyone of the Calor Gas Community Fund which is open for voting.  Successful projects can receive funding of 10,000.  Permission was given to put the link on the village Hall website. Wendy will send Nigel Brown the details.

Trevor commented that there is still no representative from Atherington Parish Council. Trevor asked that the council be contacted to rally support.

David acknowledged the tireless work of Councillor Walter White who had recently sadly passed away. Councillor White was a long standing supporter of Umberleigh Village Hall. A period of reflection was observed out of respect.

7       Fund Raising Committee report:Ann reported that the Christmas Dinner Dance was extremely successful and although this is organised for the community to enjoy, the sum of £443 was raised and split between the Hospice and Devon Air Ambulance.  The Carol Service was also very well attended. Ann said that she would like to thank everyone who pitches in and helps at these events; shopping, making cakes and tea, washing up, putting away tables and chairs.  Without having all these people who can be relied on to help out these events couldn’t take place.

Ann asked that special thanks should also go to Sue Lewis for all the colourful planters that she works on and for the tidying up she often undertakes.

It was highlighted that Umberleigh community news is not well represented in the Chronicle or in the local news section of the North Devon Journal.

The fundraising committee will continue to organise fun events and a BBQ has been suggested. David thanked Ann who was then warmly applauded.

Trevor congratulated the fund raising committee and in particular Ann or all her organisation.  He felt that the monies raised at the events should go to the Village Hall rather than charities.  Ann responded that any draws or additional money raising that takes place for charities is made known at the time and monies for these do not go through the Village Hall accounts.

8       Election of Trustees and Committee:   Colin proposed the present Trustees and Committee should be re-elected en bloc.  This was seconded by Lynn and resolved unanimously.

Lynn proposed Jackie Hill as a new committee member.  This was agreed and Jackie duly elected.

9       Any Other Business:None.

There being no further business, the Chair thanked everyone for attending.  The date of the next AGM will be agreed nearer the time. David declared the meeting closed at 8 pm.